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Dialogue French Language Immersion Courses France

Dialogue France welcomes you to their

One-to-One, Residential French Language Immersion Courses

in the beautiful Kerfiac, Brittany.


Full French immersion offers you the most personal experience.

There is no better way to learn the French language than a total immersion in the French country and culture.

Our experience has shown that when students are placed in an environment where they continuously communicate and put into practice the French language, they learn exponentially faster than with traditional teaching methods.


The teaching methods of both instructors were of a very high standard and delivered with extraordinary patience.

Total immersion in a family environment

Bernard and Veronique welcome you as part of the family, in a completely French environment.

You spend time with native French speakers throughout your stay, even during meals, breaks and after dinner.

You will learn French traditions, customs and culture first-hand, while living with your instructors and the family.

A week of immersion at Dialogue means that you will experience the French language every waking hour of the day, and, of course, dreaming in French is not forbidden…


Outstanding ! Veronique’s cooking was everything one would hope for a French country holiday. Absolutely delicious and in large quantities!