At Dialogue we begin from the fundamental principal, that you are unique and so is your way of learning.

Our simple method, which has been developed through years of practice, ensures rapid improvement in speaking, listening, pronunciation and, importantly, self confidence.

We do not work from a textbook, moreover we create a programme, tailor-made for you, which takes into account:

  • Your personality.
  • Your individual needs.

  • Your unique expectations.

  • Each lesson is one-to-one.
  • You work at your own pace and level.
  • You save a considerable amount of time learning only the vocabulary suited to your needs.
  • You can also bring along your own materials to integrate into your lessons.
  • You will take your tailor-made manual and CD with you at the end of the course.

Through our method:

  • your gifts, aptitudes and unconscious knowledge are best brought out.

  • self-confidence is established in the first lessons.

  • pleasure and motivation are always part of your learning environment.